An Autobiographical Sketch

I started started my creative life writing fiction – influenced particularly by experimental writers such as William Burroughs and James Joyce, as well as New Wave SF from the likes of Michael Moorcock and JG Ballard. I released a novel Beauty Myth Fuck Soul-Manure, and two novellas – Information Island and Falamh. All in very small runs, thankfully, as I'm not especially proud of them nowadays.

Through the works of Michael Moorcock, I discovered the music of Hawkwind, which was a revelation in that it was music whose themes were specifically inspired by fiction. This was the inspiration for delving headlong into music composition and performance, though I'd been playing various instruments from a young age.

With Paul Power, I formed the spacerock band Alpha Omega, soon joined by drummer Stuart Hodgson.

Simultaneously, I began experimenting with more varied genres – electronic, ambient, experimental, pop, rock, outsider – in my own solo project Homeostasis.

Another band, Arseradish arose from many evenings of altered consciousness collaborating with initially with Chae Grimbeek and Ivan Anderson – and a little later my main Arseradish collaborator Chris Gillette.

While at a Hawkwind concert in Byron Bay, I met Daevid Allen, and soon struck up a close friendship with both Daevid and Gilli – going on to move to the Northern Rivers and collaborate with Daevid & Kavi Samut as Tripswyche, as well as collaborating with Gilli Smyth on various projects.

Soon after moving to the Northern Rivers, I began collaborating with Rebeka Phoenix on a project entitled Third Sky – soon joined by Jem Edwards, Vasudha Harte and Glen Westwood. We released two albums – “Φ” and “Somebody Call an Ambience”.

After a pretty traumatic period where it felt like everybody I knew had recently died, I thankfully found my feet again & settled in an amazingly beautiful farm house with my amazingly beautiful partner Jolanda, and now two amazingly beautiful kids – not to mention a gradually expanding project studio.

So, things turned out good in the end.