State of the Loonion

I've never been much of a blogging enthusiast, be it writing or reading them. Recently, though, I've quite enjoyed reading the long-form thoughts of a few people who I've met on the Fediverse. This year, it's my plan to attempt to engage a little more with the indie music community on the Fedi, and so thought I might post a few irregular life updates in the spirit of the stuff I'm enjoying reading. So, here we go!

January has been an almost complete write-off for me in terms of creative pursuits, as well as Actual Work. A minor virus led to a sinus infection, which led to a blocked left ear, which led to led to tinnitus and an absolutely maddening weird phaser / chorus effect in my ear. Suffice to say, little music was listened to, let alone worked on / composed / jammed.

I had to forcibly drag myself to the computer to do even a little work on the websites for my son's preschool & and local community centre that I graciously offered to do for free some twelve months ago, and only got past the committee decision making processes, false starts and various other hiccups just before 2023 ended. So it goes.

On the upside, sinus pain and ear weirdness didn't stop me going all out through late December and all January with my snap decision to make all French recipes – initially all taken from the Floyd on France cookbook. For a variety of reasons I've been getting a great deal of enjoyment / amusement from Keith Floyd related shenanigans over the past month.

Creative pursuits!

The new Homeostasis album entitled “Enshittifination” had to be put on hold due to my unpleasant physical embuggerment. It's only awaiting vocals, 90% of which written. I'm looking forward to seeing it completed – as it's what I'm conceiving as an 100% Fediverse-birthed album.

I'm also assembling the next jlmxv album. This, I suspect, will require less effort on account of the fact that the general philosophy of jlmxv is improvisatory, experimental and “first thought best thought” etc.

So, there you have it!